Shopping Spree - Part 7

We haven't visited the golden age of shopping for a while, so why not take a waltz down the aisles once again. This time we are focusing on the Swedish department store chain Domus (house in latin). It was owned by the Consumer Corporation (KF) who in their glory days had over 200 stores throughout the country. Sadly, business was slowly beginning to come to a halt in the 1980s and many of the bigger stores were redeveloped to mini malls or sold. Personally I think that the Domus stores still are the coolest stores ever to exist and Sweden and I miss them in a silly - but kitschy way.

For those who are interested in learning more about Domus, there is a great documentary by Swedish filmmaker Anders Wahlgren available.

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Domus store, unknown location, Sweden, early 1960s

Domus store, Örebro, Sweden, late 1960s

Domus store, Halmstad, Sweden, early 1980s

Domus store, Kiruna, Sweden, early 1970s

Back to the present

Alright so it has been a while - been busy with work and what not. Sadly, life is not only about glamorous parties, international flights, premieres and posh penthouse apartments. Fortunately the past is always the present here at Ultra Swank and you are always more than welcome to stay for the night and enjoy the company of our lovely flight attendants. Speaking of stewardesses, I had a great time in London last month with my lady friend. It was a trip with many laughs and new experiences. Hope to return there soon again to meet up with some friends. London really is calling.

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