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I am putting together a book of my 30 days of stories. Soon they will be available for sale, so just in case you had any desires to get your grubby little hands on them! Yipee! I did a mock-up a few days ago, and I can't help it, but I love seeing them all together. They make me very happy indeed.

I haven't stopped making the flyers at all. I still make them every day. Today I did one on "teachers," where I got to write about one of my hated teachers, Mrs. Scott from the 4th grade. It was the only time I went to public school in elementay school, when I briefly lived far away from where I usually lived and went to school. I hated it and I hated her. She was MEAN and COLD and probably a tad overwhelmed. For my part, I was a FREAKED OUT kid, who was for the first time completely CUT OFF from all my safe guards. I was living alone with my mom, who wasn't home much herself. I started feigning illnesses and cutting school. Anything but to have to face Mrs. Scott with her large icy blue eyes and her perm that made her look like a microphone. I used to have fantasies of the school burning down so I wouldn't have to go. All the things that a little word on a 3"x5" card can evoke! Sheesh!
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